SOLI round pad

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The Soli round pad is unique in the stamp market. This metal box with its tight lockable lid is especially meant for finest pigmented stamping inks with very volatile solvents. For example the quick drying endorsing ink BA 4710 is very suitable for use in this stamping pad because of the ingenious airtight box closure. This ensures that the pad stays moist for a long time. Regular office stamp pads or plate stamp pads are mostly unusable for such stamping inks, because these pads dry too quickly. Not to be used with water-based inks; the metal can corrode.

The pads have a Soli round pad with a smooth inking surface and a foam base layer (similar to the Soli plate pads) this is solidly fixed in the pad case. The pad surface is raised above the pad case allowing simple inking of larger stamps without any problem.

We recommend this stamping pad for many endorsing inks, so that the recommendation from all of them here will overload the paper.

Please request our recommendation in any specific case.

Pads available:
SOLI round pad
Pad size: Ø approx. ~80mm

Metal round pad

For most all special stampink inks, especially pigmented and very quick drying stamping inks

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