Inks that make their mark

Stefan Kupietz GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of top quality stamping and marking inks for all applications. In addition to industrial customers throughout Europe, we also supply companies in America, Asia and Africa.

85 years of experience:
The company origins go back to 1920 in Berlin when the first writing ink, sealing varnish and the first special stamping inks were produced. In 1950, Stefan Kupietz and his son Ulrich rebuilt the traditional factory in Oldenburg under its new name. Since then, we have constantly expanded our program of special stamping inks and our extensive range of products to include felt-tip and fibre-tip pen inks.

Since the 1950s, we have consistently pursued our export policy and, in addition to the Germany and European markets, we also deliver to customers in Asia, America and Africa. In 1994, we opened a highly modern new plant to meet the continuously rising demand and we also increased our office space fourfold to 6.500 m2.
This allows us to react efficiently to the growing demands of the new EU countries and the countries in the East. Today this family-owned company, which is managed by Sabine Kupietz, employs around 20 employees.

Intelligent solutions in colour.
Our experienced and efficient laboratory team of highly-qualified chemists continuously develops new products
for new materials or new procedures. At the moment our extensive product range comprises more than 800 inks in different tones ? from office and kids' stamping ink to special stamping ink for identifying a variety of products such as light bulbs, fan belts, the reverse of carpets or yoghurt cartons.

Depending on the individual requirements, we can supply varnished or covering, heat-resistant or light-fast, washfast or solvent-resistant, rapid-drying or luminous inks for marking metal, plastic, wood, leather, rubber, textiles, ceramics, cement, glass and many other materials.

The two other areas upon which our production activities are focussed comprise top quality food stamping inks for all requirements and also inks and sprays for marking boxes, containers, sacks or cans. Furthermore, we also supply special ink pads for stamps as well as etching ink and refillable ink for felt-tip and fibre-tip pens. All our products are
sold by specialized dealers (e.g. stamp makers)

A service that meets the highest of standards.
Do you need a very special ink solution or a customised proposal for optimising or redesigning your production processes? Just call us or complete the questionnaire on our service page in the Internet. We can then tell you which stamping ink from our wide range would best suit your needs or we can develop a new product based on your specifications.