Office stamping inks and stamping inks without oil for paper

A translucent stamping ink designed for children's games in accordance with the latest EU directive EN71/3.

This oil-free stamping ink is excellent for initial filling of office stamp pads as well as refilling and for self-inking stamps such as PRINTY's von COLOP, TRODAT, etc.

A ink to paint and blots; This skin-friendly paint colour for children was designed especially with regard to the EU standard EN 71. It can be used with fingers, brushes or pens and can be superbly or wash off from the skin or clothes. So also hand or foot imprints of infants can be made thereof without leaving residues on the skin remain after washing. This stamping ink is available in the colours black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and brown. Other colours can be produced on request. Ask our laboratory.

This stamping ink is approved by banks for marking bank documents such as checks or remittance forms prior to processing with reading machines. This special ink is not recognized by readers and therefore does not lead to any malfunctions. However the color is easily legible on microfilms or color copies.

Similar to CONSTANTA P, stamping ink containing solvents developed on the basis of high quality pigments, whereby an additional counterfeiting protection feature to prevent making of colour copies is also provided here. To prevent counterfeiting, an intensive UV marker was added so that the non-copyable seal can also be recognized under UV light. Here, it is important that the paper does not contain any optical whitener, because this illuminates in the same frequency range as the marker.

Similar to the CONSTANTA P, the quick-drying stamping ink 4062 P is based on high-quality pigments, but in this case an additional anti-counterfeiting protection has been built in, which can be seen under UV light but cannot be copied. The only important thing is that the paper does not contain any optical brightener, as this glows in the same wave range as the marker.

These dayglow inks contain fluorescent colour pigments which glow even when excited by normal sunlight. The chemical structure of the luminous pigments causes high frequency radiation (UV and light in the blue spectrum) to be converted to lower frequency, visible light. In twilight, when the light contains a very high percentage of blue, this water-based stamping ink has a very intense colour and effect.

Developed especially for packaging in medical technology, this micro-pigmented, light-resistant stamping ink has a solvent base. The binding agent used makes this stamp imprint resistant to sterilization with gamma rays and steam.

CONSTANTA P view product

Solvent-based stamping ink developed using highest quality pigments for marking legal documents and cheques as well as certificates and bonds. The special colour pigments cannot be removed subsequently in chemical processes. The CONSTANTA P also has a very high resistance to light, so that the marking does not bleach out.