Universal stamping inks

200 PR stamping ink is a transparent special ink capable of remaining open for long periods developed especially for use in Self-inking rubber stamps like PRINTY.

200 PR P stamping ink is a special pigmented ink capable of remaining open for long periods developed especially for use in Self-inking rubber stamps like PRINTY's.

The 8079 P is a special variant of our highly regarded universal stamping ink 8080 P, it has been specially developed for foreign countries with the same chemical and physical properties as the 8080 P, but without this ink as dangerous goods applies, not even as well in air transport.

8080 P is a pigmented stamping ink developed specially for MARK II pads, weather-resistant and colour fast.

8081 P is a faster drying version of the 8080 P, which does not limit or otherwise affect the good properties in the Mark-II pad.

Stamping ink 8085 P is a low binding agent version of 8081 P, developed specially for automatic metering systems.

8280 P has a high concentration of extremely fine pigments making it extremely colour fast. The pigments ensure good covering capacity and minimum precipitation making this stamping ink excellent for marking dark as well as light backgrounds.

Fast drying and excellent coverage golden special solvent based ink does not stick after drying and has a very high gloss. Based on the resin binder, this pigmented stamping ink is also suitable for applications with high working temperatures. This ink has an extremely high colour strength and light fastness and enables excellent markings on various materials; even porous surfaces can be very well marked.

Versatile stamping ink for non-porous surfaces, very similar to the ink R 9 but specially developed for use with photo polymer stamps

CO 4713 is fast drying solvent-based stamping ink for non-absorbent materials of a light background colour.

Coloris 4000 P Metallic view product

Water-based, quick drying pigmented special ink for universal use.

Extremely versatile stamping ink. Excellent both for manual stamping as well as automatic marking with flexographic presses.

Much faster drying stamping ink as the universal ink of R 9, but it is also extremely versatile. It is ideal for manual stamping, but also for automatic labeling by means of flexographic printing.