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Stamping ink 50 is a low-viscose, quick drying ink, specially developed for use on plastics.The ink is flexible and very quickly becomes smudge-proof on many types of plastic foil.

The ink is strong in colour, is weather resistant and extremely lightfast and stable in contact with alcohol, petrol and oil.

We recommend stamping ink 50 for plastics such as ABS, PVC, PA, PS and POM. With HDPE and PP the force of adhesion very much depends on the particular formulation of the plastic and on whether the surface has been treated.
A test is recommended before using, because many processing aids used in production can affect the degree of adhesion.

Drying time:
~120sec (PVC)


low-viscose, ~40sec
(Ford 4mm cup)

Stamp material:
Rubber, metal or special photo polymers

Stamp pad material:
For the 50 ink, we recommend felt pads, perhaps also foam or felt rollers. In case of automatic stamping machines, systems with an ink reservoir are preferrable.

Thinner 475

Available standard sizes:
50ml/g · 250ml/g · 1000ml/g

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