Verdigris solution

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Corrosive liquid developed especially for use by artists. This is used in the crafts field for creating verdigris primarily on copper and brass as well as for ageing iron. However, not suitable for deep etching or high alloy steels.

This solution directly attacks the surface and the metal. The verdigris effect can be removed only by polishing.

Corrosive liquid!

Processing instructions:
Surfaces treated with stamp impressions or cotton swab become greenish a very short time. he speed of the antiquing effect can be adjusted by diluting the stamping ink with distilled water. ince the coating with verdigris solution is a desired final effect which should be visible for a long period of time, do not interrupt the reaction with Neutralon or oil.

Cotton swab

Available standard sizes:
50ml/g · 250ml/g · 1000ml/g

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