Soli plate pad

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This metal box with the replaceable foam pad is meant for fine-pigmented stamping inks and volatile solvent inks, which cannot be used with a normal office stamp pad.

The secret of these pads is their foam construction, the surface of which is smooth and almost without texture – fibres stuck to the stamp are a thing of the past. It is not possible to over-ink the stamp block because it will only load with ink on the relief. This makes it possible to reproduce the finest lines and lettering.

Pigmented special inks must be well shaken or stirred before application so that any pigment sediment is dispersed. We recommend this stamp-pad for use with so many stamp-pad inks, that it is not possible to list them all here.

Please request our recommendation in any specific case.

Pads Available:
Tin with 1 Soli plate
Pad surface size:
Size 1: approx. 165x90mm
Size 2: approx. 118x67mm

Refill pack
(3 Soli plates per pack)

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