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This stamping ink is approved by banks for marking bank documents such as checks or remittance forms prior to processing with reading machines. This special ink is not recognized by readers and therefore does not lead to any malfunctions. However the color is easily legible on microfilms or color copies.

It soaks into the paper quickly and gives particularly sharp edge definition. This stamping ink covers well and remains moist for stamping for a long period in the stamp pad.

We recommend stamping ink 4040 for marking bank vouchers such as remittance forms and checks, which are processed by reading machines.

Drying time:
~30sec smudge-proof (paper)

highly viscous ~15sec
(Ford 4mm cup)

Stamp material:
Rubber or photo polymers

Stamp pad material:
We recommend unsaturated COLORIS pads, felt plate pads or SOLI plate pads.
The ink remains moist for stamping for a long period without drying out in all stamp pads.
Flexographic printing presses with ink tank can also be used.

Thinner 460

Available standard sizes:
50ml/g · 250ml/g · 1000ml/g

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