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High quality ink with intensive colour available in 400ml spray cans. The propellent gas consists exclusively of an ecological mixture of propane/butane.

This marking ink is very economical, flexible, water-proof, quick drying and particularly colour fast. Moreover, the ink adheres to a large variety of materials. The colour pigments contained can be mixed up easily within a very short time without problems even after long periods of storage. The colour is indicated on the cap or label.

This ink is particularly suitable for marking cardboard boxes, paper sacks and wooden crates, as well as metal drums and plastic containers or similar materials.

Drying time:
~15sec (metal) Signo-Spray P


Percentage of solids:

Marking material:

We recommend holding the spray can approx. 20cm away from the surface and spraying over the stencil a number of times in a crisscross pattern to avoid runs.

Thinner 475

Available standard sizes:
Spraycan 400ml

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