Mark II stamp pad

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The Mark II pad is a unique, double-sided and re-inkable stamp-pad which can be filled with quick-drying transparent or some pigmented inks and stays moist and usable for months on end.

Two airtight covers prevent the ink's solvent from evaporating and the pad from drying out too fast. During use one side always remains firmly closed. When the side being used slowly begins to dry, the pad is simply turned over and stamping continues with the fresh side. In the meantime, the underside fills up by itself and can be used again, when necessary, when the upper used side begins to dry out after prolonged use.
The highly absorbent ink reservoir on the inside can absorb sufficient ink for the MarkII to be used for several months without re-inking. Size of the surface: approx. 60 x 100 mm.

We recommend this stamping pad for the following solvent-based inks: Stamp-pad inks R9, R9FP, 990, 200PR and 8080P.

Mark II pads are also available pre-inked with the recommended stamp-pad inks.

Pre-inked pads available:
Mark II and R9 (transparent color only)
Mark II and R9FP (transparent color only)
Mark II and 990 (transparent color only)
Mark II and 200PR
Mark II and 8080P

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