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An advancement of the oil-base stamping inks 6060 and 6060 D excellent for initial inking and re-inking laser-engraved foam rubber.

This stamping ink is very economical for high colour light resistant marking.

We recommend this oil-based stamping ink 6061 for marking all absorbent materials such as paper, brochures and cardboard. It is used primarily in offices for hand stamps as pre-inked stamps. Coated paper such as high-gloss brochures are usually not particularly well suited for marking with 6061, because the lack of coating usually prevents penetration into the paper. However, use may be possible from case to case.

Drying time:
~120sec smudge-proof (paper)

highly viscous ~200sec
(Ford 4mm cup)

Stamp material:
Laser-engraved rubber.

Stamp pad material:
No separate ink pad required, because the laser-engraved foam rubber act as their own pre-inked ink carrier. A further advantage of this system is the permanency of the stamping ink, which cannot dry out or harden.

390 cleaner

Available standard sizes:
10ml/g · 50ml/g · 250ml/g
1000ml/g · 5000ml/g

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