Coloris Stamp pad

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This attractive synthetic stamp-pad, ultramodern in design, never fails to impress with its large capacity for all water-based office stamp-pad inks, particularly for our high-quality 4010 ink.

Developed for water-based stamping inks or inks containing more slowly drying solvents.
Stamp-pad inks with the finest of pigments can also be used with this office stamp-pad, as the pigment can pass through the smooth cellulose.

Do not apply too much ink to the pad as otherwise the print will become unclear and the stamp will smudge.
Finely pigmented special inks must be well shaken or stirred before use so that any pigment sediment is dispersed.
We recommend this stamp-pad for use with so many stamp-pad inks, that it is not possible to list them all here.
Please request our recommendation in any specific case.

Synthetic box

Pad surface size:
Size 1: approx. 160x90mm
Size 2: approx. 110x70mm
Size 3: approx. 80x50mm

Colour 4010:
Black · Red · Blue · Green · Violet

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