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Fast drying and excellent coverage golden special solvent based ink does not stick after drying and has a very high gloss. Based on the resin binder, this pigmented stamping ink is also suitable for applications with high working temperatures. This ink has an extremely high colour strength and light fastness and enables excellent markings on various materials; even porous surfaces can be very well marked.

Weather resistant, good lightfast, pigmented solvent based stamping ink.

We recommend the golden stamping ink 8710 P for the marking of dark as well light materials such as Brochures, metal and plastic films, lacquered panels and wood, unpainted metals. But it is also very suitable for various rubber and plastic types.

If the lettering later once again be removed, it must be checked in advance whether the ink can be removed, in some plastics, the colour migrates into the ground or destroyed the surface.

Drying time:
1 - 3 min (sheet metal)


8710 P gold

(Ford 4mm Becher)


Empfohlen werden ausschließlich Filzplattenkissen, Filzrollen, nach vorherigen Verträglichkeitsprüfung auch Schaumgummirollen oder SOLI-Plattenkissen.

Verdünner 410

Erhältliche Standardgrößen:
50ml /g · 250ml /g ·1000ml /g · 5000ml /g

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