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This oil-based stamping ink was developed especially for absorbent surfaces where high resistance to the effects of light and weather is required.

Only high quality colour pigments are used to satisfy the high requirements – that the imprints do not fade even after a number of months in the sunlight or on sea freight crates.

This stamping ink provides quickly imprints with intense colours on paper sacks, untreated wooden crates, cardboard boxes and similar material. Moisture or materials which are not porous such as painted or treated wood make drawing significantly more difficult. Large letters or markings can be applied most quickly with this ink using a brush and stencil, however use of felt ink rollers is also possible.

Drying time:
~30sec smudge-proof (wood)


high viscosity, ~120sec
(Ford 4mm cup)

Stamp material:
Oil and acid-resistant types of rubber

Stamp pad material:
For automatic marking we recommend presses which operate with ink reservoirs. For manual stamping, note that resin deposits can form quickly on felt plate pads.

Thinner 445

Available standard sizes:
50ml/g · 250ml/g · 1000ml/g

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