150 UV LED

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A pigmented stamping ink based on acrylate that polymerizes under UV LED light at 366 or 385 nm and can be used for all materials.

This stamping ink crosslinks after irradiation with UV LED light and is therefore solvent-resistant against all common solvents. Using high-quality pigments, the ink is very weather-resistant and has a high level of lightfastness.

After exposure to UV LED light, this ink can be used for all materials. As a light source, we recommend a UV LED spotlight with 366 nm or 385 nm wavelength and with at least 15 W power; the greater the performance, the faster the curing speed!

Drying time:
<1 sec (UV LED light, 366 nm)

~ 80 sec (DIN 4mm)

Stamp material:
rubber stamp

Stamp pad material:
We recommend printing units that use colour pans for automatic markings.
Hand stamping are suitable for felt pads or SOLI-plate cushions.

Thinner 150 UV LED

Stamp cleaner 1080

Available standard sizes:
50ml/g · 250ml/g · 1000ml/g

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